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CHECKING IN – HOSTEL MARMOTA, INNSBRUCK   As the main city of Austria’s Tyrol region, Innsbruck is a fine base for outdoor enthusiasts. Dominated by the dramatic sight of the mountains overlooking the city below, this is a unique place to visit in so many ways. Looking for somewhere to stay I booked four nights at the Hostel Marmota Innsbruck. … Read More

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STUTTGART – MERCEDES OR PORSCHE MUSEUM?   Mercedes-Benz. Porsche. Two of the most iconic names in automobile production. Brands that have become symbols of status and speed. Stuttgart serves as the spiritual home of both Mercedes and Porsche and subsequently you will find fascinating museums dedicated to both. For any keen car enthusiast, the city of Stuttgart in Germany’s southwest … Read More

Lille – an ideal day trip city
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Easily reached from London St. Pancras by the Eurostar, the city of Lille in the north of France is ideal for a day trip. Likewise, also not too far from Brussels or Paris. Thus strategically located from three of Europe’s main cities. Lille may not be one of the first places at the top of most people’s France bucket list … Read More

20 Great British and Irish Castles That You Must Visit
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  History, pride, prestige, bloodshed and intrigue. Castles around the world have provided so much fascination and interest to historians of all generations. Many, especially in the British Isles have shared a bit of a common timeline. First constructed in some capacity pre-Middle Ages. Then, expanding into bigger fortresses of power until the time of the English Civil War in … Read More

Going back to the future in Poruba
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Think of post-WW2 Socialist Realism architecture and a lot of negative thoughts come to mind. Row upon row of drab, grey concrete buildings devoid of any character. Lacking in color or personality. Maybe rough around the edges and in need of more than a touch of paint.

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Recently I was in Rotterdam for the highly insightful Traverse 18 conference. When it came to choosing somewhere to stay, there was one whose mere name caught my attention. That which I chose went by the name of The Student Hotel. Least not because of how intriguing the name sounded. Convenient too, as the venue for the Friday opening night … Read More

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