So this is the part where I introduce you a bit about myself and what I am doing here, then?


Who am I?


My old travel buddy Mr.Paddington. We go back, way back a long way!


In simple terms Jonathan is a London born Home Counties dwelling chap who loves nothing more than being able to go places broadening my horizons. And more than that, being able to encourage and inspire others to share that as well.

Fair game to say he caught a first taste of the travel bug very early. Watching TV travel shows from a very early age dreaming of visiting even the most far flung destinations that seemed beyond our dreams was an early influence.

Flash forward to young adulthood and university where I had the honour of being on an Erasmus exchange year in the magical university city of Heidelberg which further encouraged my wanderlust. The freedom of going places on a whim became addictive, as I made the most of my chance to rail through Europe at the time. Also, being a first experience of independent travel made it all the more exciting. Granted that post-university real world circumstances sometimes intervened and put such regular vagabonding on hold. Nevertheless, the dream remained intact and I would make the most of whatever free time was available.


Why travel?


Below freezing and never too cold!


Since then, even going away for just a “mini breaks” every so often has become not only something that fills me with excitement and anticipation but is also part of a lifestyle aspiration. And that is why I have decided to take things further by sharing that with others.

No matter where I went or what I did everywhere would be an adventure. And a test of mettle. Developing a greater sense of independence and freedom and working out how to get from A to B in a completely new destination by using my own initiative, especially in different languages. The confidence to travel solo and all the daunting fears that may bring. Meeting great new people on the way. Discovering new passions and interests that I never thought about before. Learning valuable life lessons that helped me grow as a person and prepare myself better for any future events and challenges.

Getting out and about, meeting people and going places sometimes off the beaten track is what enriches your life in more ways than one. The experiences from any trip can leave a lasting impression. The places, the people, the sights, the sounds, and many more I am sure you will agree. And being able to do it with a realistic budget too.


Why blog?


Sunshine or rain, whatever the weather I’ll be there!


Going places is one thing, but more recently I have been inspired to actually write about my various escapades – past, present and future. And to encourage others to do likewise and visit some great places. I do remember past trips (such as my great Greenland and Arctic excursion) promising to write a journal, only to be sidetracked….. But now is the time to do it and share with the world. For real!

So, this is my place to share my thoughts of great trips and to inspire you as well for your travel plans too! But also to show the honest side of things. Tales of when things may or may not have gone swimmingly. The real side beyond fancy hotel rooms and the much visited tourist sights.

By land, sea or air, I journey for all to share!