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Afternoon tea and double decker buses. Two things that have always been an intrinsic part of London’s fabric. But what happens if you merge the two together? Especially a themed Christmas afternoon tea?

Opening its flagship establishment in the tourist heartbeat of Covent Garden, Brigit’s Bakery has delighted customers since its launch in 2014. So what better way than to combine the best of both worlds providing an opportunity to enjoy a great and filling afternoon tea whilst being chauffeured through many of London’s most famous landmarks?

Who could say no to smoked salmon pretzels and little cupcakes accompanied by a bit of bubbly? All whilst observing the buzzing capital below you?

Last week, along with around 30 other bloggers and vloggers, I was honoured to be invited to try out their special Christmas themed menu. All complete with crackers and festive decorations dotted around the bus. With the famous Oxford Street and Regent Street lights switched on this very week, it was time to start getting those proper Christmas feels going! The allure of London during Christmas time is always one of those magic treats. So how about seeing it from a different perspective?

Brigit's Bakery afternoon tea bus
The vintage Routemaster with a difference!




All of Brigit’s Bus tours start at either 8 Northumberland Avenue or the slightly less glamorous Victoria Coach Station Gate 0. All depending upon your reservation.

Your selections are nicely prepared for you with four of each. Under the assumption I guess that there will be four people present in your corner. Otherwise, the more the merrier if there’s only two of you! Who says you can’t indulge every once in a while?

London Christmas afternoon tea courtesy of Brigit's Bakery
My reaction says it all!


As soon as everybody is on the bus (I’m making it sound like a school trip, aren’t I?) and it is time to get moving on to Buckingham Palace Road, does the fun start. I would however advise caution if you are going to start eating and drinking whilst the bus is moving. Gracious pouring of bubbly coming round at your pleasure, it is still easy to overlook Newton’s laws of gravity. I could hear the odd exclamation behind me of a dropped scone or spilled glass. Knowing the unpredictable London traffic, the bus can start and stop a little abruptly. So just bear that in mind so you don’t end up knocking anything over and staining your clothes or making a horrible mess.

My careful habits and rituals may have been evident but unfortunately it is not impossible to go without someone having the odd mini accident. I absolutely would not want any of that yummy nosh or delightful champagne to go to waste and neither would you. Just a little care and caution amidst the fun is all that you need. Best to sip the fizz when the bus is at a traffic stop.

There were little holders on the table to put your champagne flutes in, but I would be cautious.


London Christmas afternoon tea
Your starter for ten is this ever so filling Stilton and Leek Muffin.




It was so nice to see how all the tables were laid out for you. Here, like good old Christmas dinner with crackers and green napkins to get you in the mood. And of course, the best of Brigit’s kitchen all fresh baked.

Churchill Arms in Notting Hill
How can you not go past London’s most Christmas themed tavern?


Primarily going around Central London and the West End, the great tea bus first heads towards Knightsbridge where the luxe department stores of Harvey Nichols and Harrods are in full festive swing with their window displays. We go further along South Kensington and its three stand-out museums before a big loop around Mayfair, Piccadilly and Westminster. What is interesting about this route is how you notice little things you never knew about London. Such as the presence of a hidden gym or two in the West End. See everyone work out in their spare time!


A random gym in the heart of Mayfair
Let’s get physical, physical. I wanna get physical…


Expect to see a few passers-by enthusiastically greeting you, but all in the best possible taste.

This journey does take approximately 90 minutes, and I would be intrigued to see if Brigit’s could cover other routes perhaps going a longer distance. Incidentally, Brigit’s also do a river cruise afternoon tea. Similar concept but this time along the Thames taking in the sites such as the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. A great gift in the summertime I think.




Obviously here Christmas was the theme, and perfect excuse to try out their Santa decorated treats. Oh those coconut creams and all their creamy sugary goodness! Brigit’s do indeed offer special themed teas for other occasions too such as Easter, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some examples.

It was also a pleasant feature to see the mock snow and ice as well as other decorative trees too! Accompanied by your tried and tested Christmas soundtrack too, this did help get into the Christmas mood.

Christmas afternoon tea selection
Viewing the selection from another angle!


Click here to book your place on a Christmas afternoon tea, available until 5th January. A Brigit’s bus tour and tea is £45 per person throughout the year. But when you think about how that is also the average price for one of those swanky London hotel afternoon teas (maybe a bit more?), the added bonus of a journey around London is something the others can’t rival.

It is highly advisable to book through their website and pre-arrange your space. In addition, they do have special options for different dietary requirements that can be reserved for you in advance.

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    I enjoy travelling by bus while in London. I hadn’t heard of this. It sounds an interesting experience.